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Selected Projects

Leadership & Management, Sales & Services, Customer service


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Faculty Management

Industry: Financial Services

Challenge:  Work with a Global Insurance Company to deliver a broad range of professional and management development workshops across the United States with highly engaging, participative facilitation style.

Solution:  Provide a team of seven regionally-based facilitators who led over 250 highly rated annual workshops, effectively managing travel costs.


Participant Comments:

“Sharon is a terrific instructor. She went above and beyond to make the class valuable and enjoyable. The time spent was well worth the investment in this skill development. The material and exercises were relevant and strongly connected to the work we perform. My team unanimously agreed that this was one of the best workshops they have attended.”

“This class was amazing and Betsy was one of the best, if not the best, instructors I have ever had.”

Learning Design

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Management Development

Client/Industry: PerkinElmer/Life Sciences

Challenge:  Create and facilitate a global curriculum focused on fundamental skills for managers.

Solution:  Build a ten-module curriculum including The Role of the Manager, Setting Direction, Prioritizing for Effectiveness, Situational Leadership, Communicating for Results, Coaching, Engaging and Developing Your Team, Resolving Conflict, Influence, and Leading Change. Facilitate all North American workshops. Provide Train-the-Trainer support for global facilitators in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Manila, Singapore, and the U.S.


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Senior Executive Coaching

Industry: Life Sciences

Challenge: Work with Life Sciences Company to build greater self-awareness and capability of senior leaders and high-potential executives to support the company through a critical growth phase.

Solution: Provide ongoing individual and group coaching to promote and sustain change. Share in-depth feedback incorporating 360 assessment. Validate strengths and surface blind spots/areas for development. Identify high-impact change goals. Share development plans within senior leadership team to build trust and mutual support for change.


Organizational Consulting

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Tufts Medical Center

Improving Talent Acquisition Process

Client/Industry:  Tufts Medical Center/Health and Hospitals

Challenge: Define roles and metrics in partnership with Talent Acquisition Team. Improve process, and reduce time to hire and provide excellent service to this fast paced growing organization.

Solution: Develop a standard Talent Acquisition Roadmap including short, mid- and long- term recommendations. Fill more positions. Decrease time to hire 48% within three months.

Learning Design

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Sales Training

Industry: Technology

Challenge:  Develop the sales skills of experienced independent distributors with strong technology knowledge but limited sales skills.

Solution:  Design highly interactive two-day sales training workshop challenging experienced salespeople to apply both product knowledge and demonstrate core selling skills. The program integrated subject matter expert presentations on products and services, the competitive landscape, and future offerings with real-world application. Participants worked in competitive teams on customer cases that developed over time, adding opportunities to respond to each major introduction of product knowledge/core selling skills. The workshops took place in Northern California, London, Paris, Taipei, and Bangkok. The average customer satisfaction score was 96.2 percent.


Senior Sponsor Message:

“Overwhelmingly, participants said that the interactive exercises made the content come to life and the real-world cases gave them a great way to practice. One of our big design goals was to get participants to put their knowledge into practice. Achievement unlocked!”


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Trip Advisor

Classroom Training

Client/Industry: TripAdvisor/Travel

Challenge:  Build interviewing skills across the management population for this fast-growing organization, enabling them to select and hire the best.

Solution:  Create and facilitate a half-day practice-oriented workshop focusing on behavioral interviewing, significantly increasing interviewing skills.


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Build Managers' Coaching Skills

Industry: Financial Services

Challenge: Work with a Financial Services Organization to develop managers’ coaching skills so they can more effectively develop their people.

Solution: Build coaching skills on the job for 144 managers. Managers attended one day of classroom coaching training and three webinars over six-month period. Managers coached two direct reports and received ongoing guidance from facilitators and peers. Managers completed final assessment with 99% pass rate.


Significant Business Results:

“We opened up 3.6 million dollars in new business.”

Strong Positive Feedback:

“I’ve gone through a lot of training sessions in 23 years. This is the most impactful program I’ve gone through. I am a huge fan of this program!”


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Blended Learning—Classroom and Virtual Training Facilitation

Client/Industry: MultiPlan/Healthcare

Challenge:  Develop senior leaders to lead the company into the future.

Solution:  Create and facilitate a curriculum including five classroom workshops and four webinar sessions.  Classroom content included DiSC Work of Leaders, Strategic Decision Making, Influence, Driving Performance, and Building and Developing Your Team.  Webinars included Leading By Letting Go, Employee Engagement, Fostering Innovation, and Leading Change.


Senior Leader:

“My direct reports and I went through this Leadership Development training earlier this year and thought it was fantastic. It was a great learning experience and a lot of fun. The group and individual activities were very real.  Nina was very engaging, entertaining, and energetic. She established a great rapport with the participants. She was flexible and changed the plan a few times based on our feedback to ensure that the program was most effective for the group. We were extremely impressed!”

Organizational Consulting

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Building Behavioral Interviewing Question Library

Industry:  Life Sciences

Challenge: Provide support to life science company recruitment initiative to improve hiring of qualified candidates across seven key business areas.

Solution: Created over 3600 behaviorally-based questions that were mapped to company competencies and made available on an electronic platform for easily customizing interview guides.


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Boston Scientific

Offsite and Meeting Facilitation

Client/Industry: Boston Scientific/Life Sciences

Challenge:  Identify new business opportunities for several key product categories and align the organization (from the president to the execution level) to advance them.

Solution:  Design and facilitate a one-day meeting for fifty participants including a common facilitation guide and a team of four facilitators to lead multiple sessions. Participants generated a significant number of new business ideas that were vetted for future value to the organization.

Organizational Consulting

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Employee Satisfaction Assessment

Industry:  Manufacturing

Challenge: Gather employee data about communication, trust, and employee satisfaction.

Solution: Conduct a series of nine focus groups in locations across the U.S. Summarize the findings and make recommendations based on the data.


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Virtual Training

Industry: Insurance

Challenge:  Develop a cost-effective way to build and enhance skills for a company with a highly distributed employee population with approximately 60 worldwide locations.

Solution:  Provide expert facilitators delivering over 100 virtual modules on communication skills, communicating expectations, customer service, negotiation skills, consultative selling, meeting management, mentoring, time management, and providing feedback.