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Kiersten Steiner

Kiersten Steiner brings several years of experience to her dual roles as Operations Manager and Virtual Producer for Results by Design.

She is responsible for client invoicing where her keen eye for detail and passion for optimizing processes ensure that we have accurate and timely invoicing.

In addition, Kiersten is an experienced virtual classroom producer. She received training and virtual certification through the Virtual Learning Collaborative and works on Zoom, Webex, Adobe Connect, and other platforms.  She has worked with a range of different industries and client organizations and provides a broad range of services including attendance taking, managing chat, managing breakout rooms, and providing detailed event reports.

Kiersten has held prior administrative and operations management positions for Primerica Financial Services and Element Dance Studio.

She is passionate about developing strong client relationships. Her dedication and commitment contribute significantly to the success of the company.

Kiersten lives in North Carolina and enjoys singing, dancing, traveling, and the joys of motherhood with her son, Caspian.