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Hywel Berry

Hywel is a trainer and facilitator who brings his experience and energy to every session he delivers. His goal is for everyone to leave feeling inspired and energized to change.

Hywel spent the bulk of his corporate career in sales and leadership for the Financial Times and During his 9 years with the newspaper he developed, grew, and managed multiple million-dollar client relationships. He also recruited and trained over 60 team members, ultimately managing a team of 25 and budgets of $50 million.

In 2010 Hywel transitioned careers and began working for The Mind Gym, a global training and development organization. Over the next ten years, as the head of their facilitator network, Hywel delivered over 1,500 training sessions to over 50,000 people, the largest being a group of 7,000 at the United Center in Chicago.

Hywel has worked with a wide range of companies from startups like Etsy, Uber and WeWork, to Fortune 500 companies including Deutsche Bank, Nike, JP Morgan, and UBS.

He has facilitated workshops for a wide range of individuals from new graduates to the C-suite level on topics including leadership development, sales training, diversity, equity and inclusion, and more.

Hywel attended Glasgow University, studying film and television. He works part-time as a screenwriter and has sold scripts to the BBC and MTV. He is the author of “The Screenwriters Journey,” a book for new writers embarking in their career. He lives in Connecticut.


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